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OBJECT CARPET’s recent collaboration with multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group has led to expansive, unconventional and, more importantly, sustainable results.

Furniture is often said to have a decisive influence on the atmosphere of a room. This is certainly not completely wrong. But when you think about it, tables, chairs and sofas are relatively small objects – compared with textile floor coverings, which give style to larger areas.

Architects and interior designers know how strongly the colour and materiality of carpets, for example, influence the appearance of rooms. Therefore, when furnishing a room, it is important to think of it from the floor up – because it forms the basis for all further design decisions.

Current office design trends are more and more determined by ‘soft’ aspects such as individuality, emotionality and cosiness. We simply spend a lot more time in offices, and therefore, no longer want to do without a certain homely warmth.